Who are we?

I’m Charley, I am this dudes mum. I don’t have much to say about myself really, I’m currently following slimming world but that pretty much the only thing I really do for myself. As a single parent to a child who is currently out of school ( hasn’t been for 6 months but that’s for another post) most of my time is taken up by trying to provide as many learning opportunities as I can whilst also chasing the local authority to provide my son with a suitable school. I have recently discovered that I quite enjoy spending time down in our local woods, getting muddy & searching for little creatures in the stream. The dude in the photo is Gabriel, he’s 10 and has autism but more specifically he has a diagnosis of pathological demand avoidance syndrome. I’ll pass the blog over to him now so he can introduce himself..

I’m Gabriel, I like Legend of Zelda, Splatoon, Minecraft, Pokemon and I love my Nintendo Switch. I enjoy going to the woods, climbing trees, playing in the stream and swinging in the hammock, I also discovered that I like nettle crisps.

I get very anxious about all sorts of things, it’s hard to explain what the anxiety is like as it changes all the time. Sometimes I freeze & I can’t get my body to do what my brain is telling it, sometimes I run off, other times it comes out as anger and I get really cross with myself.

I don’t go to school at the minute as it went wrong a while ago & I got so stressed that it wasn’t good for me to go anymore. I like not being at school, I’m less anxious & less stressed. I can learn about what interests me and in a way that suits me. I like to learn about science and factual things, I especially like doing experiments. That’s about all I want to write now.

So that’s a little bit about us.

Charley & Gabriel